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Hello, I am DreamFoxx, if you are on this page, you are likely one of my amazing Twitter, Facebook or YouTube fans! Well here is a bit of a head up on the content you will be seeing and expecting from me, and just some information about this whole page.
Well first of all, mainly my channel will consist of Gaming videos, and Music videos. (Chances of tutorials and more depends on the rate of Subscribers)
Gaming: Well, pretty self-explanatory... I will be making gameplays and tutorials on games as well as all kinds of series and things. The games I will mainly be concentrating on are:
Call Of Duty, Pretty much the whole Franchise.
Possibly FarCry3
A little series on Torchlight.
And the rest will be random games that I manage to get hold of.

Music: Well this will consist of many things, first of all i will be making my own music, via Piano and other software on computers.
Apart from that i might get into making remix's of popular songs and a a bunch of other things as well.

Well there goes the introduction to myself and what i do. IF you want to find out more, Just post on the forum your question and I will answer it shortly.
Thank you and if possible please Follow me on Twitter, Like our FaceBook, and Sub to me on YouTube!
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